Region Overview

Meath is designated and marketed as “The Heritage County” and has a large number of visitor attractions associated with it one of which is Brú na Bóinne.

Area Opportunities and Key Stats

Key Stats

  • Franchise Type:New

  • Cost of Investment:€15,000

  • The sale includes:Five-year franchise agreement

Area opportunities

Over the recent past, Meath experienced rapid population growth, rising to 184,000 inhabitants, 4% of the State total and 10% of the Greater Dublin Area. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the cohort of working people resident in the county. This is an asset for potential employers and ensures a strong base for indigenous enterprise and the local economy. The large population growth also means that Meath is on the path towards achieving the critical mass that is sought by investors Meath is a young county.

Relatively speaking, there are high levels of young people and fewer older people in Meath. A total of 29% of the population in Meath is under 18 years, the highest rate in the country. The labour force participation rate in Meath is 65.8%, the seventh highest labour force in the country. A total of 82% of those in the labour force are working, again higher than the average for the State and the Greater Dublin Area. The unemployment rate is correspondingly lower. Its proximity to Dublin and Dublin’s educational and transport infrastructure along with a school going population of 40,000 means that Meath has the potential to offer an excellent location in which to set up a home based tutoring business.

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