How School is Easy works

School is Easy delivers one-to-one tutoring, for students aged from five plus to adults of all ages, through a local network of tutors.

The way we forge relationships, within each community, is the key to our success and that’s why we’re a proven success, around the world.

Although we specialise in the personal touch, we’re part of a much broader operation that’s in an exciting phase of expansion, across the UK and Europe. This will build on over 15 years of experience in North America and Canada, where School is Easy was established. Given our level of expertise, we know what works, on a local, national and international scale.

Why School is Easy?

Buy into the School is Easy franchise and you’ll be investing in a proven business model, put together by a leading multi-national organisation. 

Being a part of the LaunchLife International Inc family makes us experts in franchised education platforms. This is no start-up venture, which brings peace of mind.

The sector is now a multi-billion pound industry in the UK alone, where the School is Easy presence is really taking shape.  

Franchise partners have taken advantage of this opportunity across several areas in Great Britain, but there are still prime territories available. 

The untapped potential in the rest of England, Scotland and Wales is huge, where we can grow at pace. Bear in mind there are 30,000 children, minimum, in each catchment area.

Why Chris Chose to Become Master Franchisee for SIE

An innovative app for Online Tutoring

School is Easy’s new tutoring app connects you with fully-screened and qualified tutors at a time and place that’s convenient for you. It is ideal for help with homework, test preparation, last minute questions and to supplement the sessions with your regular tutor. Get on-demand help 24/7 from fully screened and qualified tutors. All main subjects covered. Sessions available for later reference

Become your own boss

With our franchise agreements, we become partners so you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Your territory is yours, with the support of our tried and tested initiatives to build your equity. You’ll have complete control over your working schedule, location and who you employ, provided they meet our professional criteria.

How you perform defines your own income and, rest assured, there’s significant earning potential for high achievers. Our mission is to help you achieve those aims.

Some of the franchisee benefits you can expect from School is Easy are:

  • An affordable opportunity, that’s flexible and scalable.
  • Low costs, manageable overheads and fixed rates.
  • Access to shared branding and marketing materials.
  • A data management system, for smooth operations.
  • Equity in an industry with consistent annual growth.
Join Us

How we can help you get there

Of course, you’ll need to learn the School is Easy way and map out, with us, how you’re going to succeed. Your business can be set up quickly, so it’s ready when you are.

We’ll be here to support you, at every step. Our comprehensive business coaching and training programme will sharpen your skillset, so you have all of the tools you’ll need. You don’t have to be from a teaching background, either. What’s more important is the desire to lead and succeed. A passion for education and business goals, so often, go hand-in-hand.

If you have an entrepreneurial nature and are able to invest, then you could be just the sort of person that we’re looking for.

Our franchisees share the following traits:

  • Active community members, who are people-orientated.
  • Effective communicators, that build relationships quickly.
  • Problem-solvers, who adapt to situations as they arise.
  • Leaders, as they will hire and manage their own team.
  • Fast learners, as franchises begin within 60 days or less.

If this sounds like a mutual fit, then we need to make contact!

Chris and Paul discussing the opportunity with the CEO of the British Franchise Association, Pip Wilkin.

Chris’ Tips on Choosing a Franchise


Innovative technology at your fingertips

School is Easy franchisees can call upon our proprietary cloud-based management system. This software runs efficiently on a smartphone or tablet, as well as laptops and personal computers. We’ve also built in many smart features that really take the hassle out of running a business.

Our app – the first of its kind in the UK

The business world never sleeps and neither does the School is Easy app, which provides on-demand tutoring around the clock. It’s the perfect supplement to regular sessions and, accordingly, serves as another revenue stream that our franchisees can tap into.

Further your financial goals.
Gain the School is Easy advantage.

With over 100 years of combined education expertise, we know what works, and we provide consumers with a system that’s easy to buy into.

It’s one that gives parents the peace of mind that comes with qualified tutors and a commitment to their child’s success.

Your journey to success starts here!

Step #1:

Please provide the following information:

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Step #2:

We’ll be in touch to arrange a telephone interview.

Step #3:

If our interview determines that a School is Easy franchise is a good fit for you, then you will be asked to submit a School is Easy Potential Franchisee Application.

Step #4:

Our selection committee with review your application and inform you of our decision within 10 business days.

Step #5:

We’ll arrange a call to discuss Area Selection and Market Research. We recommend researching demographics and competition in your chosen area.

Step #6:

Receive the School is Easy Franchise Disclosure Document. We encourage communication as often as you wish, answering any questions you may have.

Step #7:

After 14 days, your franchise agreement will be presented to you.

Step #8:

If you are comfortable and confident with your new venture, the agreement will be signed, your business launched, and training will begin!

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